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Adom, Corin, Delf, Nightfang -- Black backgroundSteven “Reece” Friesen is a friend of mine and I’m proud to say that.  Not only is he a great artist, but he’s also a writer and published author of two graphic novels (the third is forthcoming as a webcomic).  Reece’s three graphic novels: Pax Avalon: Conflict Revolution; Pax Avalon: Birthrite; and Pax Avalon: ReGeneration are an exploration of different approaches to resolving conflict.  Set in a super hero motif, the exploration is an interesting and intriguing read.  For more information see

As I mentioned Reece is a friend and willing to do artwork for me from time to time.  His professionalism and way of drawing out what my characters might look like are both refreshing and challenging.  However, we all know that anything worth doing is challenging.

In this rendition of my original three characters you see Corin, a nymph, standing on the left.  His bow was a creation of Reece’s and I think a pleasant addition to my character.  The vines on Corin’s head were also Reece’s idea but speak to the fact that the nymphs have a symbiotic relationship with the forest in which they live.  Adom, the central character has a key hanging around his neck.  This key is the sapphire talisman that book 1 is named after.  If you look closer you’ll see that adding to the mystery is the fact that his sheath is empty.  Adom would love a sword, he knows how to use a sword, he trusts in a sword, but a sword is not what’s chosen for him.  Finally, Delf, a Ni’Jal or Crimson Warrior.  He is of the mysterious and rebellious people who live in the Southern Swamplands.  His constant companion is Nightfang, the wolf sitting at his feet.  Nightfang sought Delf out as a pup in the Southern Swamplands which is also mysterious as wolves do not life in the Swamplands.


Epic_Fantasy_Dragon_01Courtney Giesbrecht is an aspiring and gifted artist who jumped at my request to provide me with a rendition of a dragon.  Her willingness to create an original work for me has warmed my heart.  I’m hoping I’ll be blessed to have more pictures of Courtney as time goes by, but for now I share with you her original picture of Tanin, a dragon from the Sapphire Talisman.



Careful in fighting the Dragon



Inspired by a quote I tweaked from Nietzsche, Stephen “Reece” Friesen came up with this original artwork. “Be careful in fighting the dragon, lest you become the dragon.”


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