Most people in the land believe dragons are either a myth or extinct.  Some however know that there is still one example left in the land, that of the Emperor’s Dragon, Tanin.  Those that have been unfortunate enough to have had interactions with the Emperor and his “wyrm,” know that dragons are silent in flight, the original stealth creatures.  They also have experienced the dragon’s ability to put its prey at peace, almost to the point of being catatonic.


By Courtney Giesbrecht


Epic_Fantasy_Dragon_05What these people do not know is that dragons also have the ability to absorb the essence of their prey.  Each kill and each meal makes them stronger in a richer way than simply providing nourishment.













Like Dragons, Unicorns are thought to be extinct or a creature of myth.  Those who did believe they existed, also believed they had the ability to heal others and combat the Science of Sorcery.  In fact, the unicorn was often believed to be unaffected by the Science of Sorcery.  Therefore they were seen as protection against evil.  It was believed that if one had a unicorn in one’s company, the entire group would be protected from the powers of evil.  It is also believed that if one were hurt by the Science of Sorcery, if one could rest in the presence of a unicorn, one would recover more quickly.


In more recent days, a movement has arisen suggesting that not all unicorns might have a horn protruding from their forehead as once thought.  Epic_Fantasy_unicorn_01
Followers of this belief suggest that in the family of the rare Narwhal (Unicorn of the Sea), females sometimes do not have horns.  If this is the case, could the similar not be true of real unicorns.  Critics of this belief argue that this would simply render a unicorn into a horse.  Supporters argue that when identifying people, we must look deeper than the surface.  The same may be true when identifying unicorns.  Unfortunately, the theory has not been able to be tested as no unicorns have been found with which one could do so.



Blaze-bugs live in Silva Forest and The Great Forest.  They collect the light of the sun during the day and release it at night.  Those who live in Silva Forest glow with a white light, but those who live in the Great Forest, glow with various colors.  These mysterious insects do not exist anywhere else in the land.









2 thoughts on “Creatures

  1. I think I have a unicorn horn in my area. It’s been guarded by d villagers. D length left of it is as tall as a building. I would love for it to b verified cos dis would cancel the believe that it doesn’t exist.

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