Dwarfil Culture

Two Groupings

Dwarfili Culture is divided up into two main groupings, though there are always those who feel they do not belong in one or the other.  The Northern Tribes or Mountain Tribes are those who live in the Charutz Mountains and excel at mining Brimstone and quarrying rock.  They feel somewhat cut off from the rest of Attarmigar, and yet see themselves as the protectors of the passes.  The Coastal Tribes are those who live by the sea and are the mariners and shipbuilders.


While there are many roles within dwarfili culture some of the better known ones include: Warrior, Shipbuilder, Mariner, Stonecutter, Miner, Blacksmith, Hunter, Fisher, and Farmer


The unifying group in dwarfili culture is clearly the druidic class.  The Druids are the dwarfili intelligentsia.  They are the judges, historians, physicians, artisans, spiritual leaders and often the farmers of the dwarfili people.  They also have the power to remove or assign chieftains.  There are three distinct roles within the druidic class: Druid, Bard, and Vate.  Many druids are able to fulfill all three, but some choose to stop The Training before they reach The Staff and so go on as a Bard or Vate.

Dwarfili Through Foreign Eyes

Dwarfili are often seen as an unintelligent and warlike group.  The one exception being the druids who are respected throughout The Land though little is known about them in other kingdoms.  While people think little of dwarfili intelligence, most are willing to trade for their coveted Brimstone which can only be mined in the Charutz Mountains and once heated, will heat a room for several hours.


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