Nymphen Culture

Nymphs are a fun-loving, playful people, though their speech sometimes seems formal. They can also seem formal when meeting and they have little love for the rest of the land. Racial purity is still a common theme for many nymphs, though there are also many that desire interaction with the rest of the Land.


While there are many roles within the Nymphen culture such as royalty, drakes, bladesmithes, warriors/archers, seekers, keepers, builders, etc., the main role of every nymph is to keep the Forest healthy.

Homeland — Silva Forest

The Nymphs have a symbiotic relationship with the Forest and when it is healthy, they are healthy. When a nymph travels abroad for too long, they become weak and sometimes ill, as they get their strength and health from the Forest. A nymph’s life span is also dictated by the forest. Many think that nymphs are immortal, but this is not true. The nymph’s lifespan parallels that of the trees, so a nymph may live 500 years or 1000 years, but their lifespan is finite. Every nymph will eventually die, it will just take longer than humans and dwarfili.

Through Foreign Eyes

Little is known about the nymphs as most of the Land believe they are either mythological or extinct. Those that believe they existed at one time believe that nymphs were spirit beings that lived within the trees. Mostly humans hold one of these beliefs along with other myths such as: they worship the trees, they can fly, and they can make themselves invisible. Humans refer to the nymphs as Children of the Tree. The dwarfili are one of the few races that know the nymphs exist and continue to exist as the nymphs were instrumental in chasing the dwarfili across the Land until they finally were forced to settle in their current homeland, Attarmigar. The dwarfili refer to nymphs as trewam.


One of the most significant rites of passage in a nymphs life is that of his/her Choosing. This is a ritual of maturity or adulthood. It is through this ritual that a nymph takes his/her place in society. It is also through this ritual that a nymph decides what path he/she will follow for the rest of his/her life. If a nymph chooses correctly, his/her eyes will turn from the normal green to the hazel eyes that most nymphs have. If they do not choose correctly, their eyes stay green. There is one exception to this rule. There are a few nymphs, who clearly have made the correct choice. To be sure, they are sent to the Head Healer who makes the proclamation that they have chosen correctly even though their eyes have not changed color. These elves keep their green eyes for their entire lives and are known Green-Eyes. This term is sometimes a term of affection and sometimes used in a derogatory manner.


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