Blue Moon 07  Green Moon 04

There are two moons in the Land. One is green and the other is blue.

Twice per year the moons are full at the same time. During this night they also intersect. When they do this, instead of forming a lunar eclipse they both look as if they are one moon and, defying science, they shine as one full crimson moon, known as Bloodmoon.


This occurs on the evening of day 180 and day 360 – Winter Solstice and Summer Solstice (see moon chart below).

Cycle of the Blue and Green Moon

This awe inspiring event has sparked numerous forms of celebrations, each according to his/her own people.

These are the only two times that the entire land celebrates together though their celebrations are different. Most cultures have a week long lead up to their celebration which culminates in the celebration of the Bloodmoon.

The Elves and Humans use the Bloodmoon to mark the beginning of their summer and winter seasons. The dwarfili, however have a different climate and their seasons have already begun by the time the Bloodmoon comes around, therefore they use the Bloodmoon to mark the mid-point of their seasons.


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